Steady Increase in Petroleum Transportation

With lots of heart, we embarked on the delivery of petroleum products with a single truck. Today, we drive over 35 trucks and deliver over 65 million liters each year! Through genuine teamwork, our company has kept growing since its creation. Browse over the years and significant events in our history and discover what has shaped our success. 

Start of EGGR Transport

Our company begins with the purchase of a gas station and, at the same time, a small tanker. While managing the gas station, we deliver heating oil to residential customers for the Olco Petroleum Group. This first contract leads us to sell the gas station in order to concentrate fully in the field of oil transportation.

Start of a loyal collaboration with Esso

EGGR Transport becomes a subcontractor for Esso while Imperial buys Olco. Over the years, this successful collaboration multiplies our petroleum product delivery, prompting us to acquire new trucks to meet the demand.

Establishment of a division dedicated to the environment

In addition to delivering petroleum products in new sectors, such as commercial, institutional and public, we establish our environment division, specializing in cleaning up petroleum products.  

Rapid expansion thanks to Pepco

Esso cedes its Montreal territory to Pepco, who agrees to work with our company that now counts nine trucks. This new chapter marks the start of a rapid expansion for EGGR Transport. On the upswing, we continue to improve the efficiency of our divisions, including the one that is close to our hearts, dedicated to the environment.

Startup of long distance transportation

The range of services keeps expanding. We set up a division of long distance transportation  by purchasing over-the-road tractors. We offer delivery of petroleum products and bulk products in Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Contract with CN and new environment service

Thanks to our partnership with Pepco, we land a major contract with CN and become responsible for supplying fuel for all of its locomotives in Greater Montreal, roughly 55 million liters to deliver annually. This mandate propels EGGR Transport to the rank of a medium-sized company. The same year, our environment division offers a new service: decontamination of petroleum products . 

With the progress made so far, our team is ready to continue by your side. Become a part of our history: Entrust us with the delivery, recovery or long distance transportation of your petroleum products.