Your Best Allies in Petroleum Transportation

EGGR Transport is the coming together of fifty employees who put your interests at the top of their priorities. All the members of our team, from truckers to mechanics to managers, have accumulated years of experience and have become experts in their fields. Therefore, you can count on an outstanding team to complete your projects successfully, whether for petroleum product delivery, environment and recovery or  long distance transportation.

Meet our leaders, supported by highly qualified colleagues who make every effort to satisfy your highest demands.

At the Helm of our Divisions

Stéphane Houle
Founding President

Cindy Randwin
Executive Director
At EGGR Transport since November 2016

Stéphane Houle
Director of Operations
Petroleum Products

Dany Gouger
Director of Operations
Long Haul Transport
At EGGR Transport since July 2012

François Boulet
Director of Operations
At EGGR Transport since December 2013

Francis Coutu
Director of Operations
Mechanical Service
At EGGR Transport since december 2015