Environment and Recovery

An Environmentally-Friendly Oil Recovery

At EGGR Transport, our commitment towards petroleum products is more than delivery. We have also set up a division specializing in recovery.

Decontamination That is Profitable From Every Standpoint

In collaboration with our industrial partners, we have developed an innovative process to decontaminate unused petroleum products. After awhile, these products develop bacteria, lose their properties and become downright unusable. This recurring problem affects generators that only function a few times a year. Indeed, their diesel fuel deteriorates and is unable to power the motor. To avoid these complications and product waste, we transport the diesel to our premises, proceed in a single treatment to bring it back to its initial state and deliver it once again to the customer. EGGR Transport is one of the rare companies to offer this service. In addition to taking a positive step for the environment, our customers save significantly.

Swift Response to a Spill

If a spill occurs while making a delivery of petroleum products, we are perfectly equipped to clean up the site immediately. And we offer the same emergency service when damage is caused by another carrier. As soon as we receive a call, our team arrives onsite and takes charge rapidly and efficiently, making all the difference.

To recover a petroleum product, contact the specialists at EGGR Transport.