Long Distance Transportation


A 100% Reliable Long Distance Transportation Company

We conduct long distance transportation of petroleum products with our tanker trucks and transport bulk products using the trailers or containers belonging to our customers. Our vast territory extends from Ontario to the Maritimes, and we have many destinations: Thunder Bay, Windsor, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, Saint John, Halifax, etc. Able to demonstrate well-thought out logistics, we always come back from our destinations with a new load. Everything is calculated to achieve the highest efficiency.

On-Time Deliveries

In the world or transportation, punctuality is a quality that is worth its weight in gold. Our team is very proud of being punctual and, more importantly, having you benefit from it! When you do business with EGGR Transport, you are sure to receive your shipments right on time. Now that`s an undeniable advantage for your business! No delays means no negative impact on your supply chain. We understand the magnitude of the consequences resulting in late delivers in respect to the profitability of your business. That is why we always plan alternatives in order to arrive at the destination, at the agreed time, and this, regardless of the unexpected. EGGR Transport, rock-solid reliability.

Ask for long distance transportation to find out about the efficiency and reliability endorsed by EGGR Transport.