Petroleum Products Delivery


Petroleum Products Delivery with Limitless Possibilities

For more than 25 years, we have been delivering petroleum products in Greater Montreal: fuel oil (heating oil), clear diesel, colored diesel as well as regular, super and ethanol gasoline, etc. Operating in commercial, institutional, public and residential sectors, we are used to adapting our services to the specific needs of our customers. Whether to supply a home heating system, farm machinery or city generator, turn to EGGR Transport.

Alongside Pepco

We have been working with Pepco since 2010. Over the years, this partnership has broadened our business horizons by enabling us to land several contracts, some of which are major. These include our close collaboration with CN, which allowed us to go from a small to a medium-sized business. 

At CN’s Service

Because of our partnership with Pepco, our wealth of experience in delivering petroleum products and our legendary reliability, CN has chosen us to supply its locomotives in Greater Montreal. Specifically, our mandate is to fill the tank at the Taschereau terminal which in turn supplies the locomotives that stop at the different supply points: Rivière-des-Prairies, Saint-Lambert, Côteau-du-Lac, etc. These important deliveries comprise 55 million liters of diesel each year! In order to provide a seamless service, we did not hesitate from the outset to set up all the necessary resources, such as trucks strictly for the needs of CN.

To receive a delivery of petroleum products just as customized, call on EGGR Transport.